My Journey with importing a car from japan

As a kid my dream was to always own a car from japan. Now that I have some money I can afford to. Using they taught me how to do it. Importing a car from japan yourself was actually very easy using their guide. I didn’t even have to learn how to speak japanese or anything. I just followed their guide step by step and learned it myself. Here is my Journey.

Like I mentioned it has always been my dream to own a japanese right hand drive car. I have always thought they were much more cool. Most cars from Japan have a lot less rust or damage on them as well.

Importing a car from japanMy dream car is the Nissan Silvia S15 it has such a clean body and clean lines on it. I have actually always been a fan of the Nissan line up. Most people like the skylines but I was always a fan of the S chassis’. It started with my love for the 240sx. This is before I even heard of the S15. A friend of mine had an old rusted out S13. It was amazing.

This is when I first started getting into cars. Here’s how I got into my awesome Nissan Silvia S15.

Like I said all my success in importing this beaty is because of, they have it all outlined on how to do it. So what I did first was find myself a broker. The broker is the one who goes to the auctions for you in Japan and bids on cars.

Finding a good broker is key, as this will either eat up your money or where you save your money.

Next step is to pick a budget, this is important because depending on your broker, there could be a lot of other fees associated with using him.

After thats done, you just have to sit back and wait for your broker to win a car for you.

Luckily for me my broker won me an awesome s15. This is the reason why I love importing cars from japan, you get mint, awesome cars.

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